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Everyone’s a Podcaster Now! Josh Szeps on How to Talk, How To Listen, and When To Shut Up

October 18, 2020
Australian broadcaster Josh Szeps is known for his fiercely intelligent and at-times wickedly funny approach to interviews and news analysis. A founding producer and host of the award-winning Huffpost Live, he can currently be heard on ABC Radio Sydney and, during his time in New York, hosted a live show-turned-podcast called #WeThePeople LIVE. Last summer, Josh launched Uncomfortable Conversations, an interview podcast virtually indistinguishable from this one other than the host being Australian and slightly younger and more famous. Josh spoke with Meghan about why podcasts like theirs are so desperately needed in these dark times and how the fate of the world of ideas rests on their shoulders. They also talked about the pronunciation of Meghan’s name, why Alec Baldwin’s calling a paparazzo a “c_sucker” was not an expression of homophobia, when they stopped feeling young and precocious, and what makes Josh a “fox” rather than a “hedgehog.” 
Guest Bio:
Josh Szeps is the host of the new podcast Uncomfortable Conversations and can be heard on ABC Radio Sydney. He lives in Sydney with his husband and twin toddlers. 

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