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Dr. Drew Is Worried About A Health Crisis In Critical Thinking

August 9, 2020

<i><b>"No one escapes. Everyone ends up in the guillotine eventually."</i></b> 

In this episode of the podcast, Meghan speaks with celebrity physician Dr. Drew Pinsky, whose career in both medicine and media dates back to the 1980s, when he began co-hosting the nationally syndicated call-in radio program <i>Loveline</i>. Recorded in May on the heels of a controversy over some of Drew’s initial comments about the coronavirus pandemic, this conversation delves into Drew’s theories about how trauma is driving social media mobs, his own “traumatic reenactments” and how the whole world has been taken over by the Dunning Kruger Effect. They also talk about the inherent uncertainties of epidemiological medicine and how some of the chaotic public health messaging of the AIDS crisis mirrors what we’re experiencing today around COVID-19.

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